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  • The entire staff at RetroLinear is amazing. I've been installing their products exclusively in Wurlitzer electric pianos of all makes for my customer base for years. Not only are my customers 100% completely satisfied and happy with the products and results, I am also very much as well. The execution and build quality of all of their custom electronics is absolutely exceptional. I'd recommend RetroLinear across the board, bar none, above the rest. Will do business again. Thank you.



    Minnesota Organ Service

  • I just replaced the hammer tips on my 1975 Rhodes Mk1 with Retrolinear cube tips and am extremely happy with the improvement in tone. The tips that were on my Rhodes were an aftermarket graduated set. The octave just below middle C was very clanky and all of the wood core tips were very harsh sounding. The Retrolinear tips smoothed out all the clank and harshness and sound so sweet. They clearly have figured out the correct density and hardness for these original style tips. Thanks so much guys! Very satisfied customer here


    Stephen Holst

    Web Customer

  • They who do not sleep! The Warneck preamp in my Wurlitzer would be hard to live without... from fixing nearly all of The War on Drugs synths to full on rig buildout this crew is the gold standard.


    Robbie Bennet

    Keyboardist, The War on Drugs