1975 Rhodes MKI 73 Stage Piano

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Restored 1975 Rhodes MKI Stage Piano

Vintage 1975 MK-I Rhodes 73 Stage Piano restored, tuned, voiced and tweaked to perfection.  Has original tolex and hardware in excellent condition. Includes legs, cross braces, sustain pedal and rod.  Manufactured 20th week of 1975 (2075). If you're looking for amazing Rhodes that's show ready- look no further you've arrived at the right place!
Our restorations involve complete disassembly, cleaning, rebuilding, replacement of crucial components, tuning, voicing and finite adjustments to produce a Rhodes with even response in feel and dynamic range.  We're focused on the fine details and making every aspect of Rhodes perform meticulously.

We invite you to come audition one of our restored instruments!
RetroLinear is located just outside of Philadelphia and a short drive from NYC

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