Hohner Clavinet Restorations

Hohner's Clavinet is easily the funkiest of all Electric Pianos from how they're built to being the voice of funk music!  By far Clavinets can be the most challenging electric pianos to restore. Successful restorations are totally dependent on condition.  Please contact us to discuss possible restoration of your Clavinet.  We service all models except the earlier Clavinet I & II which are rittled with unresovable problems..

Got yarn? We follow a strict restoration process, no cheating!! After disassembly cleaning, polishing, electronic rebuilding,  we restring and hand weave dampening yarn into the strings. This is how Hohner designed the Clavinet to work and also how it functions best- simply put there are no shortcuts!   The finalization process is not exactly fun but nothing beats a properly dialed in clavinet!