Hammond & Leslie Service

Our team of technicians has 50+ years combined experience servicing Hammond organs and Leslies.  If you're tired of costly service calls and using forums to troubleshoot issues look no further! RetroLinear offers complete restoration services for all classic Hammond tone-wheel organs and Leslie speakers. You are probably wondering-  why only complete restorations? In short-  applying partial repairs is ineffective, costly and an unfair approach we simply don't believe in.  Our restoration process produces fully functioning Hammonds and Leslies that will last for decades with proper care and use.  Looking to have a fully functional Hammond and Leslie? Call 215-699.8000 or email

An overview of our restoration processes:

• Remove manuals and preamp from case
• Clean surfaces inside-out
• Polish, Clean and Lubricate buss bars (damaged buss bars replaced)
• Disassemble, clean and lubricate draw-bars
• Clean all tab and rotary switches
• Rebuild electro-mechanical vibrato circuitry
• Rebuild Preamplifier (A028 Preamps are retrofitted with Trek II's CPR-28 Kit)
• Preamplifier tubes are performance tested, replaced as needed with NOS Military tubes.
• Generator evaluation (older dull sounding generators recapped and calibrated)
• Replace degraded internal wiring
• Installation of Leslie Kit, switching, additional Leslie connections stock or locking.
• Reassemble organ,  apply final wire dress, calibrate and test

Cabinetry Services

Our standard restorations include a hand applied French polish which will color blend scratches away while maintaining the original clear coat finish.
This process is handled by our 3rd generation master carpenter.  It's the finishing touch to executing a respectful restoration to these old instruments.
Cabinet refinishing is also service we offer however to accurately quote cost we require the instrument to be onsite for evaluation.

Leslie process overview

• Amplifier:  Rebuilt new resistors, capacitors, tube sockets & Vacuum tubes.
• Trek II / EIS Solid State Relay for seamless fast - slow switching.
• Crossover recapped
• Rebuild motor stacks
• Calibrate fast/slow motor transition
• Replace all bushings, bearings and grommets.
• Lower drum cloth scrim replaced.
• Replacement of belts (if needed)
• Cabinet buzzes/rattles eliminated
• Proper internal wire dress
• Replace damaged or missing hardware

Leslie options and upgrades:

• Amplifier conversions (122 to 147, 147 to 122, etc.)
• Amplifier Attenuator inserts (distortion at lower volumes)
• Cable/plug upgrades (EP Amphenol locking connectors)
• Converting single speed to dual speed
• Replacement woofer
• Re-coning original woofer
• Replacement hi-frequency driver