Rhodes Suitcase piano power supply

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Power any Rhodes suitcase piano without modifications!
Our power supply connects to the existing front rail preamp jack, then connect power and audio to the module and your ready to go! No fuss, disassembly, modifications are necessary! Unlike other power supply modules on the market our power supply is fully filtered, isolated & regulated which delivers unparalleled performance and reliability. Designed to lay flat on the ground, keeping all connectivity away from the playing area. We offer this power supply in 2 configurations to operate Mk I four pin Peterson preamps or Mk II five pin Janus preamps. The 1/4" locking jacks are line level audio outs- so you can go left/right stereo direct to a pa console or connect 2 amps for stereo suitcase panning! Each power supply is handmade one at a time using the best components available!
Also available in export / European 240V configurations.



· Regulated Isolated & Filtered power supply
· On/Off power switch with fuse
· Locking Neutrik Left & Right 1/4" line level audio outputs
· Locking Neutrik preamp connection (4 pin Peterson or 5 pin Janus)
· Heavy duty cast Aluminum chassis with durable powder coated finish
· 6 foot high quality Mogami cable

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