Our Mechanical Processing

Starts with disassembly and thorough cleaning , inside out..
Considering most Rhodes pianos are at least 40 years old there is an astonishing  amount of dirt, debris, coins, guitar picks etc inside. 
Aside sanitary reasons it must be clean for proper mechanical operation.

Installing new bushings and bumps
After the piano's disassembled refurbishing the mechanics of your Rhodes begins.
This entails replacing and or rebuilding components which are worn out or failed from age and use.
The keys are re-bushed with new felts. At this stage we'll bump-mod/velocity tune the Rhodes action (if necessary) then apply a basic setup providing a solid starting point for finalization.

Pitch Tuning
With the mechanical components rebuilt, the pianos reassembled and a preliminary pitch tuning is conducted prior to finalization.
We use highly accurate calibrated Peterson Strobe tuners- no cell phones or hokey gizmos!!

Voicing and Finalizing
With new components installed , tuning and basic setup applied the finalization process begins.  
This process is a repetitive operation of adjustment to setup and tweak the piano to perfection.
Tim personally conducts all finalizations with an attention to detail on feel, dynamic response, pitch and tonality. 
Faulty tines or dud-pickups are weeded out thru this process.

We'll make a final pass of cleaning, polishing after the pianos been finalized.