Rhodes Electric Piano Service

After years of restoring countless Rhodes pianos we've engineered a comprehensive restoration process that delivers amazing results time and time again. Our restorations involve complete disassembly, cleaning, rebuilding, replacement of crucial components, tuning, voicing and finite adjustments to produce a Rhodes with even response in feel and a dynamic range of sound.  Each stage of restoration is meticulously executed ensuring quality results.  We produce many of our own components in addition to using original vintage parts, no cheapo brand X stuff or substitute components are used- the difference is clear! Take a listen, have a look!   We're happy to discuss Restoring your Rhodes 215-699-8000 or email.

In addition to Restorations we also offer Tour Support, spare parts, annual servicing, knowledge and know-how!

Our Process Sights and Sounds Custom Shop

Who's playing RetroLinear restored Rhodes?

• Donald Fagen, Steely Dan
• Page McConnel & Jon Fishman-  PHISH
• James Poyser (Tonight show / The Roots)
• Paul Simon
• DJ Jazzy Jeff
• Rob Baracco of Dark Star Orchestra
• Robbie Bennett, The War on Drugs
• Eli Winderman of DopaPod
• Dennis Matkosky, Grammy Awarded Producer.


• WestTown Entertainment
• Morningstar Studios
• Turtle Studio
• Sine Studio
• Forge Recording
• Catapult Sound
• Rough & Tumble Studios
• Kawari Sound Studios